Monitoring Tools You Should Install in Your VPS

Monitoring server is very important. You can prevent many unwanted things by monitoring regularly. I am assuming that you own a VPS as you are reading this post. You are new happy owner of your personal VPS. So why don’t you take a look about some monitoring tools?I will show you how to monitor and what are the tools. I will first ask you to install some tools by below command.

Ubuntu/Debian Base VPS:

apt-get update
apt-get install htop iftop nload slurm

Fedora/CentOS Base VPS:

yum update
yum install htop iftop nload slurm


By HTOP you can get many information in one window. Just type “htop” in your terminal or SSH window like putty.htopYou can also get some useful informations by setting up as your need and also this colors are customizable.


This is the most powerful tool that will show you the every incoming and outgoing bytes including hostname and IP. Just type “iftop” in terminal or putty screen.iftop


This tool is interactive Upload/Download monitoring tool. Just type “nload”.



Slurm is another nice Bandwidth monitoring tool.


slurm -i eth0

for OpenVZ

slurm -i venet0


These tools can help you to monitor your server. 🙂