About Me

Hello !!!
I welcome you to my personal blog. This is a place where I share what I learn.

Fahad Ahammed

Who am I ?
This is Fahad Ahammed. I have prepared myself to learn and implement things what I stumble upon. Mostly I am good with proper RnD way.

What is my profession?
I am a System Administrator by Choice. But I have been playing role as SysOps and DevOps.

What is my objective?
I want to learn as much as possible about:

Linux Docker Python Bash SQL
Ceph Firewall GlusterFS Redis Nginx
Haproxy ELK Stack Kubernetes Docker Compose Jira
Icinga Prometeus AWS EC2 AWS RDS AWS ECS

There are more………..

It might make you confused by all of the above. But truly I do not want to confine myself into small area of knowledge. I want to learn how people handle the world in their own way. I want to learn how it feels to learn a new topic and implement it for the first time.

“Most importantly I want to feel embarrassed at yesterdays me…”

I wanted to put some insight here about this site. This blog is a playground for me and sometimes it is like a diary or even a notebook and storehouse of new learned knowledge. I will be using some some questions to have them answered.

What is under the hood?
It is not a fancy technology. This site is just simple wordpress site. But It is highly optimized with several other tools to make it much more efficient. I used redis as a caching mechanism and also there are some pages cached with memcache.

I have several plans to improve this site. I have implemented brotli compression instead of gzip.

You might not always see those evidence in headers as I use several servers with different setup.