Wireless Mouse A4tech FG35 Buying experience in Bangladeshi online stores

I have been using two mouse for my daily work in my laptop. Among them, I have Mi Portable Mouse and another a local made without branding. But recently both of them showing faults on scroll wheel. Which is very annoying. Also Xiaomi does eat a lot of power. So, I though I should get a new wireless mouse. Thus I came to know about A4tech FG35. It seems will fit my need. I have found this mouse in several online stores.

As of 2020-12-28 08:09 PM, I have found several prices. Let me show you some prices.

Ryans850 BDTBuy From HereNo delivery charge.
StarTech875 BDTBuy From HereIf you pay via
BKASH, you can
avail 10% off.
GlobalBrand999 BDTBuy From Here
Pickaboo780 BDTBuy From HereYou do have
to pay delivery charge
Daraz850 BDTBuy From HereDelivery charge needed

I did ordered from Ryans. But If I have chosen StarTech or Pickaboo, I could save some more money.

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