Squid proxy Server with multiple IP

My dear readers. I am here again for your help with squid proxy server. I will show you today how to use squid server to work with several IP in a vps/system. This is very useful if you do Craigslist work or something like that. Proxy is interesting. Squid proxy is like a Swiss Army Knife which has numerous feature to make you comfortable with proxy.

Here are two ways of configuring squid’s proxy to use the other IPs assigned to your server (besides the default one).

Before that you will have to add below codes to ensure those works. IPs are as an example, and you will change it according to yours. But you will have to make sure that IPs ends with “/0

acl localnet src
acl localnet src
acl localnet src

Method 1 – Use Incoming IP

Basically, if you connect to, your outgoing IP will be, The same goes for and

acl enabled1 myip
acl enabled2 myip
acl enabled3 myip
tcp_outgoing_address enabled1
tcp_outgoing_address enabled2
tcp_outgoing_address enabled3

The acl rules checks if myip (connected to IP) matches the IP listed.

The tcp_outgoing_address lines set the IP if the enabled* rule is set.

Method 2 – Per User

If you wish to assign a specific user a designated IP, you can do it with the following rules.

acl enabled1 proxy_auth billy
acl enabled2 proxy_auth jilly
acl enabled2 proxy_auth killy
tcp_outgoing_address enabeld1
tcp_outgoing_address enabled2
tcp_outgoing_address enabled3

Other Squid Configuration

If you want to designate an IP besides the default IP on the server with squid, you can use this rule:


After you edit the configuration file for squid, don’t forget to reload the rules:

service squid3 reload

or You can restart the proxy server too.

service squid3 restart

That is it. I hope you will find these ok. Comment below if you have further question.