Following articles about “Happiness”

I am very very egoistic person and I know that. Everyday I try to find some good article about this problem of mine and including the good old term “Happiness”. I do find many blogs and articles about this topic. What I observed about  this habit of mine is that it just faints away after some hours. So, I am again that egoistic person. But recently I have found

some good blogs. This post about one of them. To write this post I did search google with the term “Happiness” and I have found this image.

Now I should start the babbling thoughts to become the blackish marks in the screen. I have found the perfect question here:*

I liked the approach of Dean Young, and the actual article can be found from here:

I will definitely follow these steps. What I learned is that It is our choice which can change everything we want in our life.

Thank you.


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