Fahad Ahammed

DevOps + Python + Linux Enthusiast

WEB: www.fahadahammed.com EMAIL: iamfahadahammed@gmail.com

1451/A, Block-A,

Khilgaon, Dhaka-1219


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Rokomari.Com, Motijheel, Dhaka — DevOps Engineer

July 2016 - PRESENT

Worked with AWS, Jira, Jenkins, Sonarqube etc. Developed a proper development flow development, stage, production and also involved in managing servers as well as developing webapps with python. Also optimizing JVM, MySQL, preparing server architecture etc. Managing some side projects developed in Python.

Freelancing, Upwork — DevOps & System Administration

january 2016 - June 2016

I worked for several clients to solve their problems regarding devops tools, servers etc.

Olysta, Guangzhou, China Linux System Administrator(Remote)

August 2015 - December 2015

I worked for them remotely. I had to build a complete setup of their servers with several tools in it and having a proper backup solution and Active Directory system. I had to manage Mail Server too.

AppsCode/TigerWorks, Uttara, Dhaka DevOps Engineer

February 2015 - July 2015

Worked with Docker, kubernetes, ELK, Apache Flume, PostgreSQL.


University of Dhaka, Dhaka — MBA in MIS

Stamford University, Dhaka — BSC in Civil Engineering


In General: I mainly play around Linux, Jenkins, AWS, Python, Docker, ELK etc regularly.

DeployTank  — Click, Python Flask, Redis, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Docker Swarm

A project build and service monitoring dashboard. It consists of several daemons to collect and ship information to the view. Main feature of this app is about showing the issue build status, several UX test reports on every build, deployment logs and version histories.

eLogger  Python Flask, Redis, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Docker

An attachable and highly modular application for logging. It is helpful for collecting logs of different applications and storing those logs. It has an interface to view the logs in preferred format.

ShareMe/RKShare  — Scheduler, Python Flask, Redis, MySQL, Docker

A securely file sharing medium with expiry time input. Implemented with the help of Jquery and Bootstrap too.

RokyDA(Microservice)  Python Flask, Redis, MySQL, Docker

RokyDA is a data analysis application for Rokomari internal use. It is refactored into a microservice. Authentication with 3 step verification. Asynchronous report generation.

AutoMailer(Microservice)  Python Flask, Redis, MySQL, Docker

Automailer is an automatic mailing service where several events are triggered when needed for sending mails with multiple functionalities.

GetAShortURL.com: An Elegant Short Url Service — Flask

It is a short url service. This is free and built with flask. You can get stats  about your shortened links.

DhakDhol(Notification Service)  Python Flask, LXD, MySQL

A notification application for all servers and services for different cases integrated with jenkins for better outputs. It is a very minimalistic one.


  • Agile Software Development Methodology
  • Used to with Jira, Youtrack


Jahidur Rahman — Senior Executive Officer and  Software Department Co-Ordinator at Rokomari.Com

2/2E, Arambagh, Motijheel, Dhaka
E-mail: jhahidur.rahman@gmail.com
Mobile: +8801917009119


  • OS/Distribution: FreeBSD, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu
  • Versioning: Git
  • Cloud Platform: AWS, GCP
  • CI: Jenkins to manage Auto Builds and other setups.
  • Project Management: Youtrack, Jira

Code Quality Testing: Sonarqube

  • Java Applications Related Tasks: TomCat and JVM tweaking, JVM Heap Analysis etc.
  • Database: MySQL and PostgreSQL Server Management like Replication, Tweaking etc. Also Redis.
  • I Love MongoDB too.
  • Http Server: nginx, Apache, Lighttpd

Container: LXD, Docker, FreeBSD Jail

  • Extras: Firewall Setup, Intelligent DDOS Prevention setup, Server Security Configurations, Monitoring Server Setup, Software RAID, DNS Servers, Mail Servers , Automated Backups etc.
  • Orchestration: Ansible, Docker Swarm.


Log Analysis, Hadoop, Cassandra, Kubernetes, Docker, Elasticsearch, Apache Flume, MQ’s, OpenStack, ELK etc


BASH, Python


I have a sound plan which I am working on for future outcomes. I want to learn specifically as deeply as possible whatever I love to do. I want to be the person which will have the specific expertise on which a large company will be able to rely on me.


IEB - The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (Associate Member: A-16485)


I am spontaneous on topics I feel interested about.


BLOG: https://fahadahammed.com


MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@fahadahammed