Raspberry Pi and Docker Registry

Recently I have been using a Raspberry Pi 3B+ bought from a classified advertisement site called Bikroy.com. A student wanted to sell this, as his final college project was done. It was cheaper with an acrylic casing and a fan. However, I wanted to use this Pi for several pet projects. Initially I did install Pi-Hole for network wide adblocker and along with samba with a spare portable hard disk. It was working OK. No extra pressure in this 1GB ram Pi. I thought Why not give it a little bit more pressure?

Thus, I planned to install docker registry in it for my “local private docker hub” type of need. Let me share what I had to do.

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Multi line Log Parser in Python

So, I have a log file that is not single line log. It is kind of java stack trace. What I needed to do is read those log files and create some actions depending on them. I could use already built tools. But I thought why not just do this as simply as printing strings.

This is an example of the log format I wanted to play with. It seems too simple to pile up the Filebeats or elastic stack.

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Some quick and useful git commands

Using git is somehow easier when you just stick into normal workflow or working all alone in a project. Also it is easier as there are many GUI available. But there are some possibility on falling into critical situations where GUI may not be the right tool to stick with. I will share some situations here and the right commands whi