লিনাক্স এর কনসোল বা টার্মিনাল এ ফাইল কিভাবে খুজে পাবো?

লিনাক্স এর টার্মিনাল থেকে ফাইল খুজাটা প্রায়ই জরুরী হয়ে উঠে। বিশেষ করে যারা হেডলেস লিনাক্স সার্ভার ব্যবহার করেন তাদের তো এটা প্রতিদিন এর টাস্ক হয়ে উঠে। আমি সহজ এবং প্রতিদিন এর উপকারি কিছু কমান্ড

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How to request limit with nginx ?

You might somehow face a huge traffic on your site which is not legitimate at all and kind of DOS. If you can identify the traffic which eventually lessen the site performance by the Basic HTTP Floods DOS, you can save yourself from being affected by mild DOS attack. I will show you how can lessen the chance of being easily affected by those attacks.

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How to Get Ubuntu Back after installing Windows ?

Whatever you say against Ubuntu, you can’t just make it less popular. It is the most popular Linux distribution. Many companies rely on this distribution. I personally use it on my laptop and in my servers. Normally people use windows, and when it comes to Linux it becomes a whole other matter. If someone use Ubuntu but later he wanted to install install latest windows or old alongside Ubuntu, he may face problem as loosing Ubuntu. That is what i am gong to explain “Ubuntu Recover Procedure”. Continue reading

Install Nginx and Configure Load Balancing for Heavy Traffic

Load Balancing is the mechanism which will balance the load upon server towards several servers which ultimately can handle heavy traffic. I will show you the basic configurations with normal HTML based webpages only but it will help you to build for PHP based websites.

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