Proxy Server

Squid proxy Server with multiple IP

My dear readers. I am here again for your help with squid proxy server. I will show you today how to use squid server to work with several IP in a vps/system. This is very useful if you do Craigslist work or something like that. Proxy is interesting. Squid proxy is like a Swiss Army Knife which has numerous feature to make you comfortable with proxy.

Here are two ways of configuring squid’s proxy to use the other IPs assigned to your server (besides the default one). Continue reading

Solve Google,Facebook etc site Loading Problem in Squid Proxy

If you see that your newly created Squid proxy server can’t access Google, Facebook and other sites then you are right place to get the solution. Actually this problem arises when your ISP have no IPV6 for you. And Google,Facebook type giant sites has IPV6. So Squid just route you to access by IPV6 whether you have or not. As you have no IPV6 , you are facing problem.

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Blocking IP,Domain,Time to Access Websites in Squid Proxy Server !

We can control website or ip to access or accessed by squid proxy server . We can set timely access rule or some ip range to acccess the server or also can block some website or ip for a range of ip or for  some limited time . Continue reading