Month: May 2014

How to Add and Switch Keyboard Layout in LXDE ?

Lubuntu is good. Actually LXDE is good. I love its simplicity. One tricky thing is though how to add a keyboard layout on Lubuntu/LXDE (if you didn’t specify an additional language at installation).  To configure keyboard layouts a big flaw of LXDE. So here is what I did to add a new keyboard layout. Continue reading

Clear Bash History Completely?

If you have linux server or linux operating system(distribution) in your pc then you are using bash. Bash is a command processor and Unix Shell, typically run in a text window, allowing the user to type commands which cause actions. Bash can also read commands from a file, called a script. Bash keep records of executing commands and all. Sometimes if you want to clean all your records you can follow this. Continue reading

Get Rid of WordPress Website Footer Smiley Face

Me and also many people use WordPress to run website or blog. What is the most fascinating thing of WordPress ? Obviously its resources. It has so many plugins and themes that can make a simple WordPress website act like a super-platform. I am here to show you how to remove little smiley face on the bottom of Wordpres sites.

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Dual User Permission at Same Folder in Linux

It is a pain to handle folder permission for new linux users or VPS users. Even some Pro-Linux users also face this problem. However, I will explain here how to give two users to read-write access of a same folder.

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