Month: January 2014

Take Screenshot By Command or Terminal in Linux Based Machine

Taking screenshot is now a days very important. This is used for many purpose like writing blog post, sharing problem facing in the system and much more things. There are many tools to take shot of your desktop but here i will show you how to take screenshot by terminal or command line interface in linux based machine. Continue reading

Types of Bridges

Bridges are a very important structure of a society or civilization. A bridge can connect people and can improve the life of people by giving numerous opportunities including many business sector. However, I am here to describe different types of bridges. I have collected this information from Wikipedia and other sites. You will definitely learn something interesting. I was researching this as my course teacher asked me to submit an assignment paper about Types of Bridges and their little information including pictures. Continue reading

Single Command to Download and Install All Bangla Fonts in Your Linux

I have created a script which will download and install 70 Bangla fonts(with variations of them) without searching. Just run this script in your Linux based PC/Laptops terminal and get all Bangla fonts instantly without hassle. Continue reading

Monitoring Tools You Should Install in Your VPS

Monitoring server is very important. You can prevent many unwanted things by monitoring regularly. I am assuming that you own a VPS as you are reading this post. You are new happy owner of your personal VPS. So why don’t you take a look about some monitoring tools? Continue reading