Month: November 2013

Bangladesh Submarine Cable Network

Bangladesh decided to connect to world wide web in late 1995 by VSAT or Very Small Aperture Terminal. On June 4, 1996 the VSAT base data circuit was commissioned for the first time in the country. Upon VSAT commissioning, internet connectivity was established & its services were made available to the public. After internet was launched, the June 1996 National polls results were made available to the netizens of the world using World Wide Web. This was the first ever usage event of its kind in Bangladesh. The effort was appreciated in many corners especially among the Bangladeshis living abroad.

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Solve Google,Facebook etc site Loading Problem in Squid Proxy

If you see that your newly created Squid proxy server can’t access Google, Facebook and other sites then you are right place to get the solution. Actually this problem arises when your ISP have no IPV6 for you. And Google,Facebook type giant sites has IPV6. So Squid just route you to access by IPV6 whether you have or not. As you have no IPV6 , you are facing problem.

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