Month: September 2013

Lighttpd Server with SSL

Lighttpd is one of the speediest webserver which will make you feel like you got a highspeed internet connection with low price. However , i will explain you how to create ssl certificate and use it in lighttpd vhost for accessing particular websites with particular certificate. Continue reading

Adding swap with a File in Your VPS

If you don’t have any additional disks, you can create a file somewhere on your filesystem, and use that file for swap space. Normally some vps providers don’t give swap. For those who has that type of vps will need this tutorial to get a swap to faster website or vps.

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Multiple WordPress in Lighttpd & Php5 in Ubuntu VPS or Server

Lighttpd = Security, speed, compliance, and flexibility.

It is pronounced as “Lighty”. Lighttpd is rapidly redefining efficiency of a webserver . It is Designed and optimized for high performance environments. With a small memory footprint compared to other webservers. 128mb ram can run it like a mig29 with several wordpress(I will try two today). It has advanced feature set like FastCGI, SCGI, Auth, Output-Compression,URL Rewriting and many more. It is perfect for every server and also for VPSs with low memory. You will be amazed by its speed with low ram and swap. It is totally free.

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Change The Maximum Upload File Size in Php

This is annoying to get file exceeds the max size allowed when you try for uploading files. How can you be able to upload bigger files without any caution or error ? We have to find php.ini file from your system.

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