Month: April 2013

Password Protect dicrectory or file by htaccess

Password protecting a directory can be done several ways. Many people use PHP or ASP to verify users, but if you want to protect a directory of files or images (for example), that often isn’t practical. Fortunately, Apache has a built-in method for protecting directories from prying eyes, using the .htaccess file. Continue reading

Website Analytics : Keep Records of Your Websites Traffic

Most people are introduced to web analytics by the ever-popular hit counter, a simple bit of code that counts and displays the number of visits to a web page. More sophisticated web analytics track the number of unique IP addresses visiting a site, count views for every page, break down results based on hour and day, show which countries the visitors are from, what browsers and operating systems they are using, and which links or search engine terms they used to find the site. One of the most popular web analytics services is Google Analytics , which is available for free . Continue reading

Introduction to Transaction Analysis : The Basic Accounting Equation

Accounting is built upon the fundamental accounting equation:

Assets = Liabilities + Owner’s Equity

This equation must remain in balance and for that reason our modern accounting system is called a dual-entry system. This means that every transaction that is recorded in accounting records must have at least two entries; if it only has one entry the equation would necessarily be unbalanced.

The equation’s three parts are explained as follows: Continue reading

Some Movies About Western Country & Muslim Country

I am talking about six films having similar plot . About , What do the western people think about Muslim world . Some movies which will definitely pass your time smoothly without feeling tedious . Very interesting and attractive movies , they are with much attraction eater . Continue reading